Ulyana Podkorytova (b. 1984, Bryansk, Russia) is a Moscow-based multidisciplinary artist. She received a degree in Graphic Arts from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (2007) and completed a course in video art at the Rodchenko Art School (2017). Her first personal projects – Trap (2016) and Slash (as part of Winzavod CCA’s Start project for young art, 2016) were displayed at the Rodchenko Art School. In 2017, she introduced her project INVENTIO as part of her residency with the Gogova Foundation in Baku. In 2018, her show Tumbleweed was hosted by the Aysel Gallery (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), and the projects Gertrude Rude and the Moskva River and Single Copy were displayed at the library of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow). In 2019, she introduced new works in the projects Come What May Not (HLAM Gallery, Voronezh – also displayed at MMOMA in 2020), Porato Basco (alongside Ustina Yakovleva; Museum of Art Development of the Arctic, Arkhangelsk), Ray'ok (Triumph Gallery, Moscow – also displayed at MAMM in 2020).
Ulyana Podkorytova researches the issues of identity in the era of globalisation. With the help of various media (video art, objects, graphics, photography), she puts together an internal mythology based on the migration of the folklore of the Russian North and post-folklore to the present day. One of the key characters that is featured across Ulyana's projects is Gertrude Rude, a Russian Wonder Woman who fights the realities of daily life using her six-metre-long lasso braid as a weapon.

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