Liza Artamonova and Ilina Chervonnaya

Liza Artamonova is a Moscow-based artist, an alumna of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (2012) and the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (2016), participant of the artist exchange programme at Goldsmiths University London (2016). The winner of the Brewhouse Art Prize 2016 in the ‘Environment’ category. Predominantly works in the genres of installation, video art, graphics and photography. Artamonova addresses questions of personal boundaries and privacy, escapist practices, and neuroses and syndromes of the post-information society.

Ilina Chervonnaya is a Moscow-based artist and curator, an alumna of the UNIC Programme for Critics and Curators of Contemporary Art (2014), the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (2016), participant of the London Goldsmiths University Artist Exchange Program (2016), co-founder of the Triangle curatorial studio. Chervonnaya creates video art, installations, sculptures and sound art.

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