Alexandra Nesterkina is a Moscow-based artist, alumna of the British Higher School of Design (2018) and the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (2020). In 2020, she became a resident of the 6th Gogova Foundation Artist Residency. Nesterkina's project was presented in the autumn of 2021 in the village of Bukovo in Nizhny Arkhyz.
The artist uses natural materials (wood, stone, fur, animal horns, etc), augmenting them with clay or wax shapes. The leading themes of her art are the aesthetics of all things natural, ruins, and magic. The prominent plot of her art is the interaction of organic and inorganic, natural and artificial.
Nesterkina's artworks can be divided into two categories: sculptures created as if for a dystopian landscape of the future, labelled “little tragedies” by the artist herself, and small clay objects, reminiscent of archaeological finds. Both types are essentially ruins. The concept of ruins is one of the focal points of the artist's creative world; it combines an elegiac perception of nature with the fear of the tech-heavy world of the future.

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